Friday, April 30, 2010

I seriously thought it would never happen.

Well not *never*, but at least not for a very very long time.  Makes it even better that it happened so unexpectedly!

Wyatt has been in underwear 100% of the time for 2 weeks now!!!!  I can not begin to express in words how HUGE that is!  He has been pee trained for years, but he refused (loudly) to ever poop in the potty.  It had gotten better.  He was in underwear most of the time, but he would ask for a diaper to poop.  One day, he asked for a diaper and I said "Nah, you really don't need a diaper anymore.  Why don't you just go on the potty like a big boy?"  Of course I had tried this many times before and it was a no go, so I didn't expect much.

Wyatt: "OK!!"  Runs to the potty..sits down..poops.  Just. Like. That.

We threw a freakin party!  He was SO proud of himself and really that is the best part.  He got to go pick out a new truck (which I had promised him 3 days before and he remembered even though I didn't think he would) and told everyone at the store why.  We then made him a sticker chart with 10 squares.  He gets a sticker for each time he poops and when they are all full, he will get a new car.  He is THRILLED by this and loves putting his stickers up.  In 2 weeks, he has filled all but 1 square and has only had 1 accident and even that was while he was sleeping.  When this chart is full, we will make a new one with 20 squares and then 30 and so on until it just becomes normal for him to use the potty.

What a RELIEF!