Monday, September 6, 2010

My child was injured by a vaccine.

I know it in my heart and no one can tell me differently.

When Wyatt was a baby (maybe 2 months old), he began having tremors (possibly seizures since his whole body shook and stiffened).  Of course we took him to the ER and they told us that he was FINE and that this was NORMAL and he would grow out of it.  He had them until he was about 7 months.  I remember thinking how can this be happening and not hurting him in any way?

Years later and the old saying about hind sight..  DUH He had gotten the Hep-B vaccine maybe a day before this started!  Asshole doctors weren't going to even suggest that could happen.

Coincidence that our only child who has been vaccinated had this happen and now has Autism?  I think not.  I have to remind myself that feeling guilty over not knowing better is useless.  It won't change anything and how was I to know when no one talked about it back then?

I will never inject any of my children with that crap again.  Don't get me wrong. I don't think everyone should stop getting vaccinated.  Thinking that every human should be given all the same vaccines and same doses is just plain stupidity.  Why are we not making an uproar about this?  Would you like someone to try and put every one of us in one big group about another issue?  How about food?  Say the government decides we should all eat the exact same food, the exact same amount of food, and all at the exact same time.  Would that be ok with you?

This infuriates me, as it should everyone.

"A second area of concern is the VAERS reports involving hepatitis B vaccine administered with other vaccines (vaccine cocktails). Health officials are fond of dismissing those reports as being attributable to hepatitis B vaccine, because of the multiple other antigens present (almost as if they wanted to cloak hepatitis B vaccine reactions from scrutiny). Let’s avoid that controversy and focus on the extremely disturbing VAERS data of hepatitis B vaccine with other vaccines. These reports amount to only one third of total reports (7,275), but account for two thirds of total deaths (291). The median onset of those deaths was 2 days after vaccination -- displaying a clear temporal association. The median age of death was 0.5 years in this group. 50% of all hepatitis-B-vaccine-cocktail reports were serious (died, emergency room, hospitalized, disabled). I grouped convulsive reactions together from the hep-B-vaccine-cocktail data and found a deeply disturbing pattern. These were anything labeled convulsions, seizures or tremors in the VAERS hep-B-cocktail data. Of the 1189 such reports, fully 80% (950) were serious (died, ER, hospitalized, disabled) median age 0.5 years, median onset after vaccination 0 days (less than one day). Someone should do follow-up and find out what happened to those poor infants who suffered severe convulsions after a hepatitis B-multi-vaccine cocktail. In the personal reports I’ve taken of similar adverse reactions, the children were left brain damaged and developmentally disabled."


This is what happened to my child and I take it personally when someone says, "It's for the greater good."