Monday, April 5, 2010

Vitamin D Theory of Autism

Now I haven't had the chance to read through the whole thing yet, but it is defiantly very interesting! I don't know that I can get behind it "causing" Autism, but possibly something that contributes to some part of it.

Certainly, VitD is played down HUGELY in its importance for all of us. Most people just think of it as the sunshine vitamin since that is how it is portrayed. In reality it is incredibly important for our bodies to function properly and the recommended doses are way below what we actually need.

I'll have to look it up, but I think it is something like over 80% of us have levels that are too low! We have also been scared away from the sun, but that is truly our best way of getting VitD.

My entire family is taking a supplement of VitD. Usually it would just be in the winter months, but let's face it..we live in Oregon. It's almost constantly winter, so it'll be all the time.

Hopefully it helps all of us.


Just Me said...

Don't know how much I would agree with it "causing" autism, but I DO know that low levels can cause depression, severe anxiety, and incredibly sore muscles and joints!

Katie said...

Yes! I can contribute to so many things. I see it as, if it can cause so many issues in a "typical" person, then maybe it can be worse for someone who isn't..?