Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GF/CF Adventure

Well, I have decided that we need to try the GF/CF Diet to see if helps Wyatt.  We have slowly been backing off of Casein..which is pretty easy.  Wyatt loves Almond milk and we love that it's so much better for all of us.  The rest is going to be much harder.  We admittedly eat a diet high in bread products and dairy.

I am determined that we are going to try this for at least 4 months.  After 4 months, if there is improvement then we will continue.  If not, then we will slowly add some of these things back in and see what happens.

I'm gonna post links to any info that I think is a good resource.  Maybe it'll help someone else.  I know how exhausting and overwhelming it can be to start from the beginning with no answers.

Let the research begin!

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Ally in Wonderland said...

Enjoy the GFCF diet! I've been told it's very, very hard, but you loose so much weight. Enjoy your new hot bod!!